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Pharmaceutical Project and Portfolio Management - FULL


First date: 9 october 2023 (room A04.2711), 9:15-12:00 and 13:15-16:00; second date: 2 november 2023 :13:15-16:00 (room B00.0612)

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Mr Alexis Poulet, Ferring


Divided in two sessions, this course will help you to "manage the project right" and "manage the right projects" in the pharmaceutical industry.

Project Management in Pharma:

Driving a pharmaceutical product to the market safely and quickly is a long, complex and demanding process. Yet, it is critical for pharmaceutical companies to manage research and development projects well, to bring their products to patients.

The objective of the course is to examine how to structure projects with a strategic approach, thorough planning, identification of milestones, stakeholder management and development of precise objectives, to bring drugs to the market.

The complex drug-development process from lab to launch includes management of several business processes, such as technical development using quality by design, regulatory strategy, clinical studies, and supply chain. These processes are affected not only by many circumstantial factors, but also interdependencies. The identification of risks at the right stage and an effective mitigation plans are key for success. If the risks are not managed in a timely and effective manner, the complexity of the situation increases and chances of success reduce dramatically.

Portfolio Management in Pharma:

Portfolio management has been widely adopted by the pharmaceutical and biotech industry because of the unique characteristics of drug development: huge investments, long development timelines, extremely high risk, and need for diversification in the pipeline.

Portfolio management is about selecting, out of all projects, which should be funded, how they should be funded, and which should be stopped.

In this course in two sessions you will:

· Get an overview of pharmaceutical project management through the concepts of Quality, Time, Cost versus Risk.

· Understand the different types of pharmaceutical development projects with concrete examples

· Get familiar with specific terms used during the pharmaceutical development

· Understand why companies need portfolio management and how to they define their approach

· Put the theory into practice with group exercises


UNIGE, CMU room A04.2711(09.10.2023) and B00.0612 (02.11.2023)





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