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Protein Biochemistry: data analysis and associated literature research


15.09 / 29.09 / 13.10 / 03.11 / 17.11 / 01.12 / 15.12/ 22.12, from 15h to 16h30

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Dr Oscar Vadas, University of Geneva





This module is dedicated to support students in their biochemical experiments. Participants will have to regularly present their results, present articles associated with their project and make constructive comments on other projects




Module description:


Working with simplified and reconstituted samples is critical to get deeper insights into the action of a drug and in deciphering the function of certain enzymes. Toward this aim, obtaining a purified recombinant protein can be critical. Even though this can be straightforward in some cases, in can be a daunting task for many proteins. Once obtained, multiple parameters of the protein can be studied like: i) activity, ii) inhibition by small molecule, iii) interaction with partners, iv) transport across biological barriers, v) structure.




Participants of the module will have to present their results on a regular basis. The feedback that they will get from other students and from the tutor will help them guide their future experiments.




In parallel to presenting their results, students will have to present research articles associated with their project to both get a better understanding of the methodologies they are using and familiarise other students with those methods.




Evaluation is based on the quality of the presentations and participation to the discussions.




UNIGE, room B08.2225.a





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