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Preparative chromatography techniques for the isolation of natural products and synthetic compounds


21.04, 28.04, 05.05, 12.05 and 02.06.2023, from 13h15 to 15h00 (theory), and 07.06 + 09.06.2023, from 08h15 to 12h00 (practical sessions)

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Dr Emerson Ferreira-Queiroz, UNIGE



This course aims to deepen the knowledge of PhD students in preparative scale chromatography for the purification of compounds of organic origin (natural products, and compounds obtained by organic synthesis).

In the case of natural products, the isolation of pure substances from extracts of living organisms such as plants and micro-organisms has often been associated with a long and difficult procedure that requires multiple steps and access to a wide range of chromatographic separation techniques. In recent years, techniques have evolved, and it is possible to purify compounds from complex mixtures in a targeted manner and in a few steps. These approaches can be used for the separation of compounds obtained by organic synthesis. This course will show the basics of preparative chromatography techniques. The steps necessary to obtain a pure compound, starting with the preparation of the sample and the choice of a chromatographic technique will be presented. Different chromatographic approaches will be shown for the separation of compounds with a wide range of polarity.

Practical sessions are also planned so that students can apply the knowledge acquired to real separation problems.

Content: Extraction, sample preparation, column chromatography, flash chromatography (FC), medium pressure chromatography (MPLC), high-pressure chromatography (Semi-prep. HPLC), centrifugal partition chromatography, separation strategies.


UNIGE, CMU room B04.1715





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