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Nom Prénom Social Université Email Thème de la thèse Directeur /trice Année de soutenance
ABOUIR Kenza UNIGE Email Impact of CYP2D6 genetic polymorphism ont the vulnerability to drug-drug interactions with tramadol. Dr Youssef Daali
Dr Caroline Samer
ADRIOUACH SOUAD UNIGE Email Doctorat en sciences pharmaceutiques Eric Allémann
Andrej Babic
ALFATTANI Abdulelah UNIGE Email Bioactive potential within fungal strains of the sea grass posidonia oceanica Jean-Luc Wolfender
Ferreira-Queiroz Emerson
BANDIERA Carole UNIGE Email Thèse en pharmacie pratique : adhésion thérapeutique chez les patients atteints d'un cancer solide traités par chimiothérapies orales et chez les patients diabétiques avec atteinte rénale. Prof. Marie Paule Schneider Voirol 2023
BAPTISTA MARQUES Cíntia UNIGE Email Modulation of nanoparticle corona characteristics upon exposure to relevant biological media Prof. Gerrit Borchard
Dr. Olivier Jordan
BELLO William UNIGE Email Extractables and Leachables in polymeric primary drug packaging. Professor Farshid Sadeghipour
Professor Serge Rudaz
BENNANI Yahia UNIGE Email Pharmacologie et toxicologie cliniques Youssef Daali
BOERSMA Bart UNIGE Email the role of gasdermin in anticancer immunity
BONELLI Mirko UNIGE Email Thermosensitive Hydrogels as Drug Delivery Systems for Biologics: physio-chemical characterization, challenges and scalability in the Pharmaceutical Industry Professor Eric Allémann
Dr. Mauro Di Stefano (Novartis AG)
BORSATTO Alberto UNIGE Email Exploring cryptic binding sites with enhanced sampling algorithms Francesco Luigi Gervasio
BORY Alexandre UNIGE Email Discovery of new natural product active against Gram-negative bacteria Prof. J-L Wolfender 2024
BRITO Maëlis UNIGE Email Developpement d’une plateforme nanotechnologique ophtalmique dans la prévention et le traitement de la DMLA Gerrit BORCHARD
Vincent BOUDY (Paris, FRANCE)
BRUNNER Joël UNIGE Email Modulation of tight junction permeability Pr. Gerrit Borchard
BUGNON Benjamin UNIGE Email Coordination et continuité des soins à l'ère de la cybersanté Prof. Pascal Bonnabry
Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler
CECCHINI Carlotta UNIGE Email PROTAC design and synthesis as chemical probes to explore dysregulation of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System (UPS) Prof. Leonardo Scapozza
Sèbastien Tardy
CHIOLLAZ Anne-cécile UNIGE Email Biomarqueur dans le diagnostic des traumatismes crâniens légers chez les enfants Jean-Charles Sanchez
COUMAU Aude UNIGE Email Pharmacogénétique en officine Cjasjka Chantal
Chin Eap
COUMAU Claire UNIGE Email Sécurisation de la prescription et réconciliation médicamenteuse en gériatrie Chantal Csajka 2024
DARADE Aditya UNIGE Email Development of new formulation strategies for targeted drug delivery of low and high molecular weight therapeutic agents Prof. Yogeshvar Kalia 2023
DHIF Yassine UNIGE Email Cockpit intelligent pour la gestion des ruptures d'approvisionnement : combinaison des données logistiques et cliniques Professeur Pascal Bonnabry 2027
DISNER Guillaume UNIGE Email Finding new neuroendocrine targets to improve immunity to Gastric Cancer Professor Carole Bourquin
DONATI Filippo UNIGE Email Characterization of anti-FMNL1 autoantibodies and their role in Membranous Nephropathy Prof. Leonardo Scapozza
Dr. Marco Prunotto
DUCREY Eloïse UNIGE Email Molecular Pharmacology Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska
DUIVELSHOF Bastiaan UNIGE Email Development of novel chromatographic techniques hyphenated to mass spectrometry for the analysis of therapeutic proteins. Prof. Dr. Veuthey
D. Guillarme
DUPUYCHAFFRAY Eloïse UNIGE Email Mechanisms of Amal Therapeutics' vaccine against cancer cells Pr Carole Bourquin
Mme Madiha Derouazi (Amal Therapeutics SA)
EL MORABIT Lamyae UNIGE Email New analytical methods for monitoring Drugs, Toxicants and enodgenous metabolites in complex matrices Prof. Serge Rudaz 2024
EL PHIL Radhia UNIGE Email From compound to target : Chemical proteomics and novel bacterial three-hybrid system for target identification in Trypanosoma cruzi Prof. Leonardo Scapozza
Dr. Remo Perozzo
FARIA FREITAS MISAKYAN Micaela UNIGE Email Etude du mécanisme d’action de produits naturels et dérivés dans des modèles de myélome multiple Prof. Muriel CUENDET 2022
FARO BARROS Jonathan UNIGE Email Investigation into the influence of physicochemical properties on the non-invasive delivery of biological macromolecules Prof. Yogeshvar N. Kalia 2022
FEBRER MARTINEZ Pedro UNIGE Email Understanding and Modelling Cryptic Binding Pockets for Biology and Drug Discovery Francesco Luigi Gervasio
FERRÉ Sabrina UNIGE Email Sciences pharmaceutiques Serge Rudaz
Jean-Charles Sanchez
FERRO ANGELICA UNIGE Email Etude du mécanisme d'action de composés dans divers modèles de myélome multiple Prof. Muriel Cuendet, Pharmacognosie, Sciences pharmaceutiques, UNIGE
FLORNOY Audrey UNIGE Email Nouvelles méthodes pédagogiques en Pharmacie Hospitalière Pr Pascal BONNABRY
GARNIER Alexandra UNIGE Email Sciences pharmaceutiques Pascal Bonnabry 2024
GASPAR Frédéric UNIGE Email Automated detection of adverse drug events from older inpatient's electronic medical records using structured data mining and natural language processing Pr. Chantal Csajka
GAUDRY Arnaud UNIGE Email Prioritization of novel anti-parasitic compounds using massive multi-informational molecular network on very large collection of chemo-diverse plant extracts Professeur Jean-Luc Wolfender
GAYI Elinam UNIGE - Sciences Pharmaceutiques Prof. Leonardo Scapozza
GEZER Emre UNIGE Email Pharmacognosy Prof. Muriel CUENDET
GIREL Sergey UNIGE Email Deep annotation of biological samples in human metabolomics Prof. Dr. Serge Rudaz 2024
GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ Paula UNIGE Email Synthesis of polymers and their application as nutrient carriers for osteoarthritis stem cell therapy
GONZÁLEZ IGLESIAS Laura Gisela UNIGE Email Passive and iontophoretic administration of drugs for the local and targeted treatment of ocular diseases. Professor Yogeshvar N. Kalia September 2020
GUEDIRA Ghali UNIGE Email Biochimie Pharmaceutique Prof. Leonardo Scapozza
Dr Hesham Ismail/ Dr Olivier Dorchies
HANY Dina UNIGE Email Determinants of ERα-driven breast cancer; understanding and drugging them Didier Picard
Leonardo Scapozza
HÉRITIER Margaux UNIGE Email Development of compounds guided by computational design to interrogate ubiquitination in clear renal cancer Prof. Leonardo Scapozza 2024
HEVIN Sebastien UNIGE Email Role and importance of Drosophila suzukii in the development of sour rot in vineyards Prof. Jean Luc-Wolfender
Patrik Kehrli
HUBER Robin UNIGE Email Improving natural products chemical biodiversity for drug discovery by fungal secrete assisted biotransformation Emerson Ferreira Queiroz
Katia Gindro
IACOBUCCI Laura UNIGE Email Multi-drug combination against colorectal and renal carcinoma Prof. Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska
JABER Bilal UNIGE Email Doctorat ès sciences en Sciences de la vie des Facultés de médecine et des sciences ; mention Sciences Pharmaceutiques Professeur Farshid Sadeghipour
PD Dr. Jérôme Berger
JERMINI Mégane UNIGE Email Pharmacie clinique en médecin interne et continuité des soins (domaine de recherche) Pr Pascal Bonnabry
Dr Bertrand Guignard Dr Liliane Gschwind-Tran
JOANNA Sobocińska UNIGE Email Lung cancer treatment Prof. Muriel Cuendet 2027
KARRENBROCK Maurice UNIGE Email Accurate and efficient absolute binding free energy calculations using non-equilibrium and collective variable based approaches Francesco Luigi Gervasio
KIENING Martin UNIGE Email Photodynamic therapy Norbert LANGE
KIRCHHOFFER Olivier UNIGE Email An in silico and chemo-biological approach to identify anti-infective and pro-metabolic natural product. Pr. Jean-Luc WOLFENDER
KRSTIC Marko UNIGE Email Pharmacoeconomic strategies for reducing medication costs. Professor Farshid Sadeghipour et Professor Joachim Marti 2023
LARDEUX Honorine UNIGE Email Development of innovative analytical strategies for the characterization of therapeutic oligonucleotides Dr Davy GUILLARME
Prof. Jean-Luc VEUTHEY
LE BLOC'H Ferdinand UNIGE Email Doctorat en pharmacie pratique dans le domaine de la pharmacie d'urgence et de catastrophe Pr Pascal Bonnabry
Pr PD Nicolas Widmer
LENOIR Camille UNIGE Email Personalised medicine : a pharmacogenetic perspective on drug safety though clininal trials in hospitalised patients Professeur Jules Desmeules
Docteur Victoria Rollason Docteur Caroline Samer
LISIBACH Angela UNIGE Email Detection and prevention of adverse drug events Prof. Dr. Chantal Csajka
Dr. Monika Lutters
LONCHAMPT Sophie UNIGE Email Psychopharmacologie
LOSACCO Gioacchino Luca UNIGE Email Supercritical fluid chromatography coupled with UV and high-range MS for the analysis of molecules of pharmaceutical interest Prof. Jean-Luc Veuthey
Dr. Davy Guillarme
MAGLIOCCO Gaëlle UNIGE Email Pharmacologie et toxicologie cliniques
MAJCHRZAK Oliwia Barbara UNIGE Email Functional polymer-mediated microRNA delivery systems for treatment of hormone receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer Prof. Gerrit Borchard
Dr. Olivier Jordan
MARQUET Franck UNIGE Email PhD thesis position in Biopharmaceutics - Novel micellar drug carrier systems for gene therapies Prof. Gerrit Borchard
Dr. Michael Möller
scheduled for a period of 3 to 4 years
MASLOH Solene UNIGE Email Oral administration of Nanofitins Leonardo Scapozza
Magali Zeisser
MAURIN Julianne UNIGE Email Analyse de composants hospitaliers à haute valeur ajoutée Prof. Pascal Bonnabry
Prof. Serge Rudaz
MELNIK Tamara UNIGE Email Technologie pharmaceutique Florence Delie
Olivier Jordan
MENA Stephanie UNIGE Email Projets de recherche en implémentation : Assistance pharmaceutique en EMS et Déprescription en EMS Professeur Olivier Bugnon (juin 2019-mai 2020) Professeure Marie-Paule Schneider-Voirol (mai 2020-) Dre Anne Niquille 2023
MIÉVILLE Valentin UNIGE Email Molecular pharmacology Prof. Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska
MORICI Luca UNIGE Email Pharmaceutical technology Eric Allémann
Olivier Jordan
MORIN Hugo UNIGE Email Signalisation de défense à longue distance chez les végétaux et étude des phénomènes impliqués en amont de la biosynthèse des jasmonates Pr. Jean-Luc Wolfender
Pr. Edward Farmer
MURISIER Amarande UNIGE Email Utilisation des techniques chromatographiques et électrophorétiques pour l’analyse de protéines thérapeutiques. Jean-Luc Veuthey
Davy Guillarme
PANCHENKO Ivan UNIGE Email PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences Provisionary Title: Development of polyurethane polymer delivery system for delivery of macromolecules and microorganisms. Yogeshvar Kalia
PANNILUNGHI Sara UNIGE Email Synthesis and biological evaluation of small-molecule inhibitors of TNFR1 Leonardo Scapozza
Sébastien Tardy
PELETTA Allegra Marialea Nicole UNIGE Email Adjuvant for mucosal vaccines Prof. Gerrit Borchard
PELLISSIER Leonie UNIGE Email Comprehensive Study of Endophyte Communities In a Leaf: A model for deciphering microbiome interactions (SECIL project) WOLFENDER Jean-Luc
PÉTERMANN Yuan UNIGE Email Synergistic targeted drug combinations for induction of sensitivity to immune checkpoint inhibitors Prof. Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska
PETROVIC Marija UNIGE Email Advanced strategies for the local delivery of immuno modulating active principles to Hepatic tumors Borchard Gerrit
top Jordan Olivier
PINTO Laeticia UNIGE Email Targeted topical administration of anti-infective agents to the skin, eye and buccal mucosa Prof. Yogeshvar Kalia 2024
POINOT Hélène UNIGE Email Modulating the metabolism of myeloid cells for cancer therapy Prof. Carole Bourquin 2021
PORCELLO Alexandre UNIGE Email Development of therapeutic systems for the treatment of osteoarthritis Prof. Eric Allémann
Dr Olivier Jordan
QUIRÓS-GUERRERO Luis UNIGE Email Development of multi-informational molecular network for full metabolome assignment of large libraries of natural extract Prof. Jean-Luc Wolfender 2022
RAKOTONIRINA Adèle UNIGE Email Formulation de microbiote pour FMT Prof. Eric Allémann 30/09/2023
RAMOS BARROS Alcidia UNIGE Email Development and characterisation of adjuvanted nucleic acid-based vaccines Prof. Gerrit Borchard
RAMZY George UNIGE Email Pharmacologie Moléculaire Patricia Nowak
REYMOND Sandrine UNIGE Email Biomarkers discovery and validation for the diagnosis and prognosis of stroke Jean-Charles Sanchez 2024
RINCON PEREZ Rafael UNIGE Email Epigenetics of multiple myeloma Muriel Cuendet
ROSSIER Benjamin UNIGE Email Formulation of drug delivery systems for topical and systemic applications Prof. Eric Allémann
Prof. Yogeshvar Kalia
RUDOLF VON ROHR Thomas UNIGE Email Optimisation de la pharmacothérapie en néonatalogie et aux soins intensifs de pédiatrie Pascal Bonnabry
Caroline Fonzo-Christe
RUTZ Adriano UNIGE Email Phytochemistry Prof. Jean-Luc Wolfender
SAHI ILHAN Ece UNIGE Email Targeting RNA Conformational Ensemble for Developing Therapeutics against Splicing-Related Diseases and Rare Diseases Prof. Leonardo Scapozza 2022-2023
SAHRAOUI Phedra firdaws UNIGE Email Investigation into the influence of protein structure and properties on passive and electrically-assisted transport across biological barriers. Prof. Yogeshvar KALIA
SAHRAOUI Suzanne sherihan UNIGE Email Development of a novel tool for small molecule target identification in Trypanosoma brucei under in-vivo conditions / Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Prof. Leonardo Scapozza
Dr. Remo Perozzo
SALDANHA Luiz Leonardo UNIGE Email Impact of seasonal and soil conditions on the phytochemical composition of Myrcia bella Cambess. by UHPLC-TOFMS based metabolomics
SANSALONI PASTOR Sara UNIGE Email Technologie pharmaceutique Prof. Norbert Lange
SANTOS Beatriz UNIGE Email Continuité des soins pharmaceutiques en milieu communautaire / literatie en santé Pr. Marie-Paule Schneider Voirol 2024
SARAUX Noémie UNIGE Email Pharmacognosie Prof. Muriel Cuendet Dr. Philippe Christen
SCHELKER Cindy UNIGE Email Application of multi-drug combination in novel drug delivery systems in cancer treatments Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska, Gerrit Borchard
SEVIK Ozlem UNIGE Email Etude phytochimique de plantes du Niger actives contre la maladie de Chagas Muriel CUENDET
SIMI Elodie UNIGE Email Réconciliation médicamenteuse Prof. Olivier Bugnon
SKALAFOURIS Christian UNIGE Email Développement et évaluation d’outils informatiques supportant l’activité du pharmacien clinicien
Professeur Pascal BONNABRY
SOLH DOST Léa UNIGE - adhésion thérapeutique et interprofessionnalité - transitional care in hospital discharge Marie Paule Schneider
SPALENIAK Weronika UNIGE Email Dietary phytochemicals modulating the Nrf2 pathway in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
SPATARO Sofia UNIGE Email Exploring the role of KIAA1199/CEMIP axis in Alport syndrome, a pediatric rare disease condition resulting in end stage renal disease Prof. Dr. Leonardo Scapozza
Dr. Marco Prunotto
STAMPFLI Camille UNIGE Email Pharmacie hospitalière : sécurisation du processus médicament par le biais de la standardisation et de l'automatisation. Farshid Sadeghipour
STRASSEL Oriane UNIGE Email New analytical methods for the relative and absolute quantification of biomarkers of exposure, a multi-targeted approach Pr. Serge RUDAZ
Dr. Julien BOCCARD
SYAFITRI Erga UNIGE Email Designing the biocompatible chitosan polymeric micelle for transferring curcumin as a promising natural anti-cancer therapy for basal cell carcinoma Prof. Yogeshvar Kalia
April 2027
TACHET Jérémie UNIL Email Innate immune activation for cancer immunotherapy Prof. Carole Bourquin 2026
TASKOPARAN Betül UNIGE Email Role of Intratumoral HMGB1 in Antitumor Immune Response Prof. Carole Bourquin
TERNON Laetitia UNIGE Email Doctorat en Sciences Pharmaceutiques - métabolisme et interactions entre les produits naturels et les médiaments.
VISCONTI Gioele UNIGE Email Advances in metabolomics to obtain a Clinical Biological Passport Prof. Serge Rudaz
Prof. Nicolas Vuilleumier
VUJIC Tatjana UNIGE Email Xenobiotics impact on human brain microvascular endothelial cells by omics approaches Jean-Charles Sanchez
Serge Rudaz
WANG Leqi UNIGE Email Intestinal drug delivery Yogeshvar N. Kalia 2025