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Use of Fluorescence Spectroscopy in the Study of Drugs, Proteins and Membrane - New Methods to Study Aggregation and Particulate Matter in Biopharmaceuticals VIRTUAL ZOOM MEETING


29 November- 1st December, 2022

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Pr Tudor Arvinte, UNIGE


The course will address:

i) basic aspects of absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy
ii) complexity and diversity of protein aggregation
iii) principles of different methods for analysis of aggregation and particulate matter
iv) different fluorescence based methods to study biopharmaceuticals
v) new biophysical methods developed by Therapeomic to study protein aggregation
vi) aggregation of biotherapeutics in human plasma.

PDF copies of the presentations will be provided to the participants.

Experimental video sessions will include examples of using fluorescence and light-scatter methods for the characterization of proteins and protein aggregates as well as new methods and instruments to study aggregation and particulate matter in biopharmaceuticals such as:

i) dynamic light-scattering;

ii) field flow fractionation with multi-angle light-scattering;

iii) nanoparticle tracking analysis;

iv) resonance mass measurements;

v) particle flow imaging;

vi) EDS scanning electron microscopy; and

vii) light obscuration (single particle optical sizing).


Tuesday 29 November 2022:

9h - 12h Lectures
14h - 17h Experimental video sessions

Wednesday 30 November 2022:

9h - 12h Lectures
14h - 17h Experimental video sessions

Thursday 1 December 2022:

9h - 12h Lectures


ZOOM meeting from Basel (laboratories c/o Therapeomic AG)




!!! double registration required: on the CUSO website, but also directly at Therapeomic, as follows:

Please register before November 25, 2022 with Ms. Emilie Poirier, Therapeomic Inc.; telephone: +41 61 544 00 15; [email protected]



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